Something's Hiding In Here: Art

Something's Hiding in Here

recently featured on the Fred Flare blog: check it HERE!
copious amounts of amazing pieces: check out their ETSY!
and HERE is their blog

This artistic duo "Something's Hiding in Here" has been one of my biggest artistic inspirations for a while now. Shauna and Stephen have such a beautiful combination between them with all of their artistic abilities. He has a sculpture background and she has a fantastic eye for design. When the two combine = genius!

Check out their video feature that was created by the Etsy team. I love it. Covet their space, their style, and their talent!

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Julianna said...

Guhhhhhh.........I don't even know what to say......i'm so jealous of their loft! I don't really think design can get much better than that. I'm going to post this to my blog too if you don't mind cause I don't want to forget it! I'm totally going to reference this for after spring cleaning decorations!