have you ever looked at something you love so long that you begin to hate it?
I am driving myself CRAZY installing my show. I have been working away at it all week, and now I am just finishing the last few things. I just have looked at these pieces for sooooo long over the past 2 months, and especially the last 2 weeks, that I am just so sick of them. It will be good to be done installing it all, take a few days away from the art gallery, and then come back with new eyes. yikes I am going nuts.

And next week begins my last quarter of undergrad. It is going to be really weird coming back to school after being on hiatus for the past 3 months. I am taking the last senior capstone and senior studio classes for Art, a photography class, and math. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to having math homework for the first time since my junior year of high school, six long years ago. Maybe i'll get along with math better since I haven't seen it around my parts in years, and I'm older and hopefully wiser.

I am exhausted.


Ian said...

I felt the same way about my show. I was working for so long on it and spent so many days and nights in the art center that sometimes I just slept there for a few hours and continued working the next day. Then only had three days to install after the last show and I spent every second of those three days putting my pieces together, so by the end I hadn't slept or eaten anything other then quick 7-11 trips for over 3 days. When I had everything up I skipped all my classes and slept for about a day and a half.

-Just- said...

awww man, that sounds like so much work but so exciting!! well you're almost there, keep working hard! can't wait till i get to my senior show, i'm sure yours is gonna be awesome :) make sure to post some pictures!!

Margaret said...

I hope you get rest soon:)