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My roommate/best friend Anne always tells me, "wait what! i never heard you talk about that before. how come you came to this decision suddenly!" or "Moorea, I don't understand how you think so much." ...its the introversion i think.

I am extremely analytical and am always going over a million things in my head. I don't have enough time in the day to say 75% of the things I am thinking. And I actually prefer listening than talking. I think because it gives me the chance to shut off, or at least slow down whatever it is I am thinking about. I like hearing other peoples thoughts. It is a great break from my own interior dialogue.

I have decided to use Twitter, in addition to Blogging. I think it will help me try to release some of my never ending, revolving thoughts in quick little 140 lettered quotes. You can follow my short thoughts HERE.

tweet tweet says this little bird.
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