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Oh praise God, I've found a photographer who finally inspires me in the way that some of my favorite musicians, artists, and fashion designers do. Jennifer Tzar, you are wonderful. I am taking a photography class right now and I just suck. Man. I really am a pretty miserable photographer when trying to fit the guidelines for class. assignments 1 and 2: fulfill basic structure requirements within the theme of "SPU Campus."
Here's the problem, I like photography that is dark and moody, sensual and mysterious. I like photos that push boundaries on what may seem "appropriate," you know what I mean? Basically stuff that is not so congruent with a Christian University's guidelines, or in their top 10 of favorite things. I like photos that are sexy and grungy man! SPU is neither of these things. I love this school, but I didn't come here for the common aesthetics of the student population. Well, I have a month and a half left of undergrad, so I'm almost out of squeaky clean land.

I need to finish and pass this class. But I don't want to try to force myself to make shitty photos of things I hate in a style I hate. I don't like poppy bright colors. I don't like happy clappy cheesy smiling faces. I don't like conservative and reserved situations and atmospheres. But I'd feel damn awkward presenting my favorite type of photography that sometimes seems to borderline soft porn (think high fashion, boobs hanging out in every shot) to a class full of kids who freak at the sight of a girl's skirt being above the knees. Ok, I am being a little dramatic at this one. But I know for a fact that half the kids in that class go to a certain church in Seattle that is hyper intense about people, or more specifically women, being excruciatingly modest. Americanized gender roles, hardcore. Not my style.

I don't like "modest" most anything unless in reference to a talented or knowledgeable person being humble about their area of gifting. Well, I guess I just don't like when people use "modest" as an excuse to push out creative and daring, innovation.

Anyway, here is an AWESOME photographer whose style I would love emulate. I'd say that in my visual artistic style I am a "magical realist." And when reading Ms Jennifer Tzar's biography, after looking through every photo on her website, I found that her "style" is magical realism. Winner! Why have I not been searching for photographers who are Magical Realists before? What an idiot, oh Moorea... never seeing the obvious.


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I'm right with you there, Moorea. And I'm STILL finding my artistic voice (if you will), 4 years out of school. You should have seen the kind of Abercrombie and Fitch madness I was pushing on the Biola population my first couple of photo classes. Shameful!

Moorea Seal said...

not shameful... AWESOME.

Murphy said...

bat for lashes girl on the bottom?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I hope you're still at it...I guess you posted this a couple of years ago. I personally didn't go to school for photography, I worked my way in. Modeling, to styling, to eventually shooting. But I would say, and perhaps you've moved on by now, but learn what you can, where you can. And then take that info and weave it into your own thing. But if your school has issues with your work, then fuck the school. Be true to yourself. Don't ever try to mold yourself into anything. Unless they're paying you a lot of money! But do your best at school, and find yourself. I'm happy to be an inspiration, but don't be me either. I never listened or tried to be anybody, I just do what I do. That's the answer. Too many people out there trying to figure out if they should be this or that. If you listen to yourself, do what you like, the path will come to you....jtz