Music and Visual Art

So i have recorded 2 songs that accompany 4 of the visual pieces in my art show that is up in the SPU Art Gallery right now. the above close up is of one of the paper cut pieces.

You can download both of these songs, plus more, HERE


(this song, the the art pieces, are about my friend Patrick who died last June. i had a dream where he was swimming in front of me, guiding me through rocky waters.)

friends of mine don't fear
our friend is hovering near
friends of mine don't cry
Patrick's by our side

He's on all sides...

friends of mine jump in
the water's cool on your skin
Patrick's swimming too
his eyes a bright shade of blue

He's on all sides...

the waves are rocky you see
but he's swimming in front of me
and if you're in here too
he'll guide with eyes of blue

He's on all sides...

if God's alive in me
and those who die are with the Trinity
then he's alive in me too
no matter what I do

He's on all sides...

Family Tree
(this song, and the art pieces, are sort of musical and visual processing of the cultural confusion I have had being raised in England when I was little, and moving to the U.S. It is also about the confusion I have had being a girl who has an a very ethnically diverse ancestry, but who looks like i'm just a "white girl." Genetically, my dad is 51% Northern European, 16% Jewish (Middle Eastern), 14% Native American, 9% Southeast European (Greek/Macedonian/Tracian/Romanian), 6% African-American (or 1/16th) and 4% Gypsy (originated in India/Pakistan area). And my mom is 17+% African-American (or about 1/5th) and the rest Northern European.) my parents took the National Geographic Genetic's Test. My dad is 6'2" with reddish light blonde hair, tan skin and freckles. My mom is 5'9" with jet black corse hair, super super tan skin and piercing green eyes. And i am 5'9" with pale freckled skin and light brown/dirty blonde hair.

look up in my family tree
see my great great grandpas
they may not look anything like me
but we're all in this family

i have rainbows running in my veins
my family history's inside of me
but on the outside i am pale and plain
you can't see the picture inside the frame

i may be a blur but there's stories inside
i'm defined by my shell
if you search deep down you will find
nations of all types and kinds

i grew up in another land
to them my parents were foreign
i don't feel like i'm American
but the passport says i am

how do i explain the person that is me
i'm not bound by land or by my skin
i grew inside a colorful family
i am but a leaf in a family tree

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