Summer Style

Ok ok, so summer isn't here yet. It is barely even spring here in Seattle. But I am just thinking about the summer clothes I will get to wear soon. I'm so glad Seattle doesn't get as crazy hot as my home town in the mountains of northern California. In Nevada City (California) it gets to be in the hundreds during the summer. yuck. I love home, but I hate the heat. And i'm not a huge fan of the skimpy little tank tops girls wear in the summer, floozy style. But lets be honest here, I love short short skirts/shorts.

Here is my favorite favorite necklace that Curtis and I made for our jewelry business SEA.L Designs. I wear it all the time, it's my staple piece. Dang, we need to make some more of these huh!?! I will work on pieces this weekend. I plan on making some super affordable pieces. We already try to keep our pieces a low priced as we can afford. But i'm going to try to push it even thrifty-er with some new pieces coming soon... keep your eyes peeled on the Etsy shop.

Summer Is On It's Way

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Allie said...

Mmmhmm! Love the lace-up boots!