This American Life Live!

ok my eyes are watering right now because I am so effing excited to go to this tomorrow.  
AH!  I'm freaking out!

I love This American Life.  And, as i just recently posted and declared to the world, I adore Ira Glass.  Dream man.  I am just beyond thrilled that I get to get to a live recording of the show with Ira Glass hosting, Dan Savage, Starlee Kine, and Mike Birbiglia telling stories.  David Rakoff and Dave Hill leading a "special investigation."  Chris Ware showing a new cartoon.  I've died and gone to heaven.

2 hours of this in HD and on a big huge screen surrounded by other joy filled This American Life lovers like me.  I owe all my thanks to miss Brenna for buying me the best April Christmas present ever.

I own the first season of the This American Life tv series. It is incredible. The stories, as usual, are fantastic. And the visuals just... guh, i can't even express how beautifully shot every single scene is. Praise God for This American Life. sheesh. Here is the trailer for the first season of the tv series.

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Anonymous said...

you lucky duck. have a fabulous time.