now if we are just basing a liking dependent on image, imaginary boy who wears these shoes, rolled up pants, and a neato button up shirt, I be diggin you. but alas, you are just a dream.

boys who wear this in real life: if you are super smart, kind hearted, and maybe a bit melancholy, I be diggin you for reals. Though I have a pattern of liking geniuses, so chances are that you aren't a real person.

buy these things at Blackbird smarty pants.


Anonymous said...

J. agreed to let me dress him for two whole weeks. He's so close to being exactly like this. I just need to give him that final push. I think that may sound evil.. ;-)

Krichael said...

i LOVE blackbird, but that shit is WAY too expensive for me. also, i'm pretty sure i'm EXACTLY who you described.

pretty sure.

-Just- said...

ha so i really really want those boots. so awesome.
oh and it's cool that you kinda changed your major a few times, i actually went from psychology to english to graphic design. lol, there's nothing like changing your mind till you get it right, but I finally found what i love to do, and couldn't be happier. now i just gotta graduate and start doing it!

Chelsey said...