Cheer Up Charlie

Gosh my introversion has been consuming my spirits the past couple of days. I really want to spend quality time with all of my friendsie friends but I have been running on overdrive lately and have needed to hide away in a shell for a little bit. Monday and Tuesday was great for that. Tues night I went to a little Cinco De Swine Flu party and FAILED socially. I just felt so so so introverted. And now today, well, tonight, I want to spend some time with friends. But literally every person I called tonight was busy... after awhile I gave up. My plan was to work on homework with friends tonight but my friends who are still in school are all busy bees tonight with romantic and friend dates. boo. I have some fantastic favorite friends who have moved on from the undergrad years who I wanna hangout with. But i gotta do my homeworks...

So, here I am not doing homework. woops. Instead I am going to share with you my "Be Happy My Darling" Mix that i made for myself a couple weeks ago. Maybe a week ago... (I have been getting really sad thinking about all that is going to cease to exist once I graduate in a month. 5 years of undergrad. I am so over it. But sad to lose the good things.)

Be Happy My Darling Mix
(that applies to you too my friendly readers)

1. "Lets Get Out of This Country" Camera Obscura
2. "Oh Yoko" John Lennon
3. "Desiree" Caribou
4. "Peace Train" Cat Stevens
5. "Young Bride" Midlake
6. "Portland Oregon" Loretta Lynn and Jack White
7. "San Bernadino" The Mountain Goats
8. "King of Carrot Flowers Part 1" Neutral Milk Hotel
9. "Summer Rain" Anna Terheim
10. "To Zion" Lauryn Hill
11. "Interesting Drug" Morrissey
12. "Fangela" Here We Go Magic
13. "Ever Fallen In Love" Nouvelle Vague
14. "Walk In the Park" Oh No! Oh My!

I couldn't find "Oh Yoko" on the web playlist thing, or Anna Ternheim's "Summer Rain", so i decided to start of this accessible playlist with Anna's "To Be Gone." It sets the mood of how I am feeling right now, and why I need to listen to the rest of the songs to perk me up a little!

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Give it a listen!

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grace e. said...

I feel ya on the introverted aspect of your life. I live by myself... talk about adding more fuel to the fire.