Grizzly Bear New Album!

Good news everyone, Grizzly Bear's new album is coming out SO soon. You can get the new single "Two Weeks" on iTunes tomorrow or on 12''. The full album comes out on May 26th.
check out their website to pre-order your cd or vinyl. And just to quench your thirst, here is a 2 minute snippet of the single:

"Two Weeks" Grizzly Bear

Can you hear the heavy Beach Boys/Brian Wilson influence in this one? Yes, so good.


-Just- said...

ha your post encourages the legal purchase of the album. lol you're making me feel bad, mine was like geared towards pirating. haha now i feel like a jerk.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! :) I love them! I heard them live when they opened for Feist. :) SO good!