just to let you know

... i've been super busy crazy crazy the past few days, sorry for the lack of sweet cool postings.  i played a little shin dig at the Hopvine Pub in Capitol Hill (Seattle) tonight and Patrick played with me for a few songs and it was super fun.  Patrick is the BEST.  
We played yesterday with our band the Mopes at Q Cafe.  I really really love singing with him.  Good vibes good tunes good all around.  He writes all the music for the Mopes.  And he is so stinkin GOOD!  for reals.  I have never been in a band before so I have nothing to compare it to, but man, this is a sweet band.  Patrick's song writing is just so freakin good.  And everyone in the band is so genuine and nice and fun and silly and i LOVE it!  I feel like it is so rare to find people to make music with who you not only jive with so well musically but get along with so well in the friendliest ways.  

Even though life can get so mopey... Patrick and I know this real well being INFPs... it is still so fun and so beautiful.  Music is a huge factor in reminding me why life is so lovely.  Though romantically I tend to be alone and can fall into moping so quickly, music brings me out again and musical friends bring me so much joy.

Patrick, Alec, Devian, Steven, Emily, I really dig you guys.  thank you for letting me make music with you and for being such lovely people.  Your friendship is so valuable.  You really help me feel alive and show me God's creative beauty.

And miss Chelsey, Erin, Jess, Josiah, Jaffery, I really dig you guys too.  Thank you for your openness, support and encouragement.  I am so thankful to have met all of you within the past year and really look forward to further fun and deeper communion together.

I am such a mope.
But music and friends really push me to the point of teary eyed happiness.

I do love my life.


obsessed with moss said...

Moo, that show at the pub was so fun, totally brought me out of my prolonged mope. Really glad you are in the band, we are really good.

Chelsey said...

well dearling, i dig you too!!