Lake 22 Adventure!

So 2 weekends ago I went on a hike with my friends Alex, Tommy and Dan.
We went to
Lake 22 outside of Seattle, WA. (ps, for those of you who haven't picked up on it yet... I live in Seattle.) It was awesome!!!! The climb was kind of crazy steep at times and especially rigorous when our legs continued to sink into the knee deep snow. But it was such a great hike.

(click on the photos for larger views)
The first half hour or so was just soggy, not snowy.

but then we hit the snow at a part where you basically had to pull yourself up the side of the mountain because it was so steep. seriously. and attempt to find solid spots of snow that made bridges over the rushing waterfalls. Here i am feeling pretty dang accomplished after making it up the steepest part.

I was dying from my anemic need to eat every 2 hours, but Dan forged ahead and refused to stop until we reached the lake. We did reach the lake after about 2 hours I think and go figure, it was completely covered with snow.

and then dan got stuck...

and then I saved him with my super muscle arms. girl power.

then we ate some SUPER yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that tommy and dan made. Here is how much i need to eat to go on a hike: prior to leaving i ate a big egg scramble with veggies and some slices of turkey. on the drive there i ate a pbj sandwich, 2 cliff bars, 1 banana and trail mix. at the lake I ate a big pbj sandwich, a turkey sandwich, another cliff bar, trail mix and almonds. the boys just ate 1 pbj each and trail mixes. hungry...

Oh, and dan fell over again so Tommy picked him up.

huh what? oh hey happy tommy!

and then dan fell over agaiiiin... he picked himself up this time.

And then we slid down half the mountain, it was seriously so steep that we could just slide super duper fast. SO FUN. sliding, my favorite form of travel. but our booties were soaked.
here's tommy just soakin' it up. get it?

all photos are by the incredible Alex Park.


Allie said...

GIRL POWAHH! Let's bring that phrase back.

andrea said...

I like these photos. And I like how Dan is falling over on all of them. Hahaha