A look to the Past Into the Future

this is too funny. check out some sweet outfits that the folks back in 1930 predicted we would be wearing by 2000. interestingly enough though, they were right in predicting that men will be walking around with phones attached to their bodies. Well, they did it in a funnier looking way than how it is now with cell phones. anyway, check it.


ps I am SO EXHAUSTED. i've been puppy sitting for 6 days. 2 four month old hyper demanding but super cutie puppies. I have had to be up at 6am everyday, checking on them/taking them on walks/feeding them/playing with them every 2-3 hours every day until 11pm everynight. Plus I'm a student (for only 2 1/2 weeks more, oh 5 years of undergrad...) and have a life kinda sorta. I'm pooped.


Anonymous said...

i think it's in the air - being bagged, no puppies. Everyone is tired! We need a big worldwide vacation. xo

-Just- said...

haha, that video is awesome