Music Listening Update

I was just complaining yesterday about how there hasn't been any good music that has come out for awhile. And today I am retracting that statement because these are all really great sounds from really great artists.

music I am excited about at this very instant:
  • Moby : watch/hear this
  • Cass McCombs Ft Karen Black : new song "Dream's Come True Girl"

  • Pram : hear this
  • No Age : watch/hear this
  • The Big Pink (Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid Remix) : hear this
  • Atlas Sound : hear this
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Animal Collective Remix) "Zero"

  • Grizzly Bear's new song "Two Weeks"

Spring 2009, I apologize for jumping quickly to say that there is no good music coming out right now. It was an impulsive reaction that I would like to take back.


Baroque Pop Radio said...

2009 is just fine - loving the Camera Obscura, St Vincent, and Boy Least Likely To releases.

Margaret said...

I agree, I love the Camera Obscura release! And I love the new Neko Case album.


Moorea Seal said...

well i am just out of the loop now aren't i. i didn't know there was a new camera obscura OR wilco. who am i...

obsessed with moss said...

The new camera obscura is brilliant, cant stop listening.