No Shame in Lovin' MK

Mary Kate
i love you!
this coat a little bit reminds me of my favorite coat. thick, boxy, dark and intricatley patterned.

Most of my friends hate the Olsen Twins. Go ahead haters, hate all you want. But I just adore them. Yep, i said it. I loved their videos when I was little (as did my sister Alexandra). We used to pretend we were them, I being Ashley because she was girly (and up until age 9 I went by Ashley, not Moorea. weird), and and Alexandra being Mary Kate because she was a tomboy. And then they grew and we grew. Mary Kate became more avante guarde and eccentric and Ashley became more simplistic and chic. MK more interested in the acting and art world and Ashley more interested in being behind the scene in the fashion world. I still totally feel MK's vibes being an artist and musical performer. And I'd basically wear everything that she wears. As quoted by a dear friend of mine, "Moorea, when I first met you and I saw the shoes you were wearing I thought, 'exessive.'" She didn't mean it in a mean way, and I take that as a pure fact. It is true. I love excessive and eccentric style.
Mary Kate, I support you in your weirdness. I honestly feel freakish and completely uncomfortable around people who seem really "normal". Thank you for having fun expressing your inner you on the outside as well. I will continue on in my inner and outter eccentricity as well.

all photos from Olsens Anonymous


Julianna said...

Agreed. No shame. I love MK!

Anonymous said...

J. teases me when he sees me on Olsens Anon. He swears it always coincides with an excess of layering and eyeshadow in my life. But I'm with you. MK all the way.