Romantic #2

Ok, as i have said before, I am a hopeless romantic.
It is even a defining part of my character as defined by my INFP personality. I am heavy on the Introversion and the Feeling... and on the Intuitive part too. And I generally gravitate more toward romantics like me for friendship and more than friendship. Though by romantic I am not implying that a person is devoid of reason and logic. I feel most comfortable with people who are both logical and wise, who use their reasoning side well and who are idealistic dreamers on top of it all.

Anyway, I just stumbled across the new short film for Chanel No. 5 with Audrey Tatou. If I were a boy, I would totally be gaga over her. And the same amazing director who did Amelie and A Very Long Engagement, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, did this short film too. This is just gorgeous. And it makes me want to take a trip to Turkey immediately.

CHANEL N* 5 (Extended) from Foro Dinastías on Vimeo.


Margaret said...

Leif is in love with Audrey Tatou. She is so beautiful. You should see Priceless, its wonderful.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Beautiful commercial, and I too am a fan of Ms. Tatou; she's at once angelic and seductive...if that's even allowed! ;)

Allie said...

Just watched her in the very romantic "Priceless." I recommend it!