Daydream Photography


Well, here is my final project for my first photography class ever. I did a photo shoot with my friend Vanessa who modeled for me. She is really great photographer herself.
Check out her work here!

click on the pictures for a larger/more detailed image.




Tell me what you think!
After finishing this project, investing so much time into each photo, I finally am feeling a little bit better about photography. It took such a long time for me to figure out how to do something that doesn't look awful. Now I just need to buy a nice camera for myself so I can continue to develop my work more. Anyone want to contribute to the camera fund?


Gae said...

I'll contribute! You did great!

anna church said...

Oh my gosh Moorea! These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and it does look very vintage-y. I especially like the one where vanessa is blowing the dandelions and also the one where it focuses on the handful of yellow flowers. You did a wonderful job and are really talented! I think Vanessa looks stunning as well!

Margaret said...

I'm in love with these photos:) Which lens did you use?! And the editing is beautiful. So proud of you.

Ian Gill said...

Those are some great pictures, I love the dandelion one. As for a camera you should check out Ballard Camera, there having a going out of business sale, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Moorea, these are beautiful. So proud of you! xo

-Just- said...

you're taking your first photo class right now? that's awesome! i'm taking my first photo class as a summer class too. soo fun right? great job, awesome images!!

Cheryl said...

I love the photos! They all have a dreamlike and mediative quality to them. If this is from your first photography class ever then I think you have a natural talent for it.

Chelsey said...

ahh! i freaking love it. next time let me know and we can collaborate, i can do makeup!!