Design Sponge

I love Design Sponge.

They have tons and tons of before and afters of room and furniture make overs, and they do sort of sneak peaks into beautifully and uniquely decorated houses. Here is an awesome thrift store art piece find redo:

Isn't that rad! When amanda at red jet whistle was painting the frame of this piece she accidentally got a little white paint on the painting. So she just went with it and it ended up looking like this!

And this sneak peak into the home of matthew bird of one of my favorite shops, the curatorium, is SO great. I think I am really drawn to it because it TOTALLY reminds me of a combination of my family's house and my great uncle Toby's apartment.

1. my house at home is filled to the brim with rugs like this one.
2. our house's walls, and Toby's as well, are completely covered in art just like this wall.
3. my bed room at home is painted this color.
4. Everyone in my family is a huge fan of unique antiques and vintage furniture finds.
5. We also have a stuffed quail. No joke.

here is one of the rooms in my house at home.

ps, my family is visiting for graduation.  Praise God, i missed them a lot.  It is really calming to have them here because no one gets me like they do.  What a weird family of eccentrics.

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grace e. said...

Me too! It's so addicting.