Hint Hint

Which One looks Better? #1, originally uploaded by moorea_seal.

Here is the first edit from my latest photo shoot with my friend Vanessa in my very favorite vintage dress. Isn't she so cute?

It's funny. I am in my first photography class ever in the last quarter of undergrad. I really dislike the professor's style. And find no inspiration in the class. But because I am so annoyed with the class, I have been searching out my own inspiration and trying to learn how to emulate my favorite things all on my own. And believe you me, I feel like I have come a long way from the first assignment I turned it. Bleh, most of my stuff has been so bad. But I am feeling good about this last series. Yay!


Ashley Marie said...

Very Beautiful! :)

Ian Gill said...

Have you ever tried a Holga?

Margaret said...

I think its pretty.

obsessed with moss said...

so cool!