Mix It Up

Well I have changed my hair a trazillion times within the past 7 months.
1. natural in the Fall
2. dyed it blonde
3. chopped short bangs
4. dyed it auburn in January
5. it faded to red/orange really quick by February
6. dyed it auburn again in April
7. faded to red again by May
8. and yesterday I dyed it dark brown
9. tonight I cut bangs again

You can tell I am antsy about life when I start changing my hair. It usually happens around times of transition. Hair changed this year have aligned with: when I got in a car accident, finals week #1, when I started dating someone, when that someone and I broke up and I was sad, when I got over the break up and felt happy again, when I got excited/nervous for the last week of school ever/graduation.

I love change. I love changing my environment, my appearance, styles of art, styles of music, anything and everything. I like progression and innovation. I am dedicated to a lot of things that I juggle and it keeps me from getting sick of certain things like work and art making/music making/jewelry making. I like taking on new tasks and learning new things, I like variety and adventure. I love and am very comfortable in the unknown.
As for hair, I don't particular care about finding one style or color that suits me best. I like different things at different times for different reasons, and it has little to do with anyone's opinion around me. I like having fun with it! And I like my hair a lot right now, but maybe I want to cut it. It is craaaaazy long right now. like crazy.
I used to have super super short hair 4 years ago, and I loved it. But I got really tired of people presuming I was lesbian just because my hair was super short like a boy, plus I had cut it every short style under the sun for 3 years straight and I need to spice it up by growing it out:


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I can relate. I'm feeling a bit restless m'self. There's a fire burning in me that the "mom bob" and bangs aren't accurately portraying.I'll think of something! BTW-love the dark brown and the bangs. Have a fab week!

Margaret said...

I love changing my hair. I have to wait a little bit longer before doing that...

Your hair looks amazing btw!

Kyla Roma said...

Beautiful! You're an ace at bang trims, I would love to be able to but mine like that! Come to my house? =)