This Looks Right

I dont know if I will ever get married. Maybe someday, I wouldn't mind it. I'd like a marriage/relationship that is more egalitarian. I just would like a companion who loves me as deeply as I would love them. But that "marriage" label kind of freaks me out still. Good thing I'm not even dating anyone. I have been on a bad dating streaking... or more like a lack thereof... for the past 3 years or so, and I don't really even expect to date again really...ever. Not because I don't like having a companion, but rather I am just ever increasingly shy. I am shy and the times I have pursued boys in the past 3 years have always ended in rejection. A sensitive ego can only take so much. But luckily, I have always been really independent and enjoyed my alone time. So I guess no harm done in the long run other than I am still really shy. But anyway, I kind of only reconciled myself with the idea of marriage maybe last summer. Last year around this time I was absolutely positive I would never ever get married. And then the warmth of summer and serving the needs of kids softened me up and reminded me that in the end, God is the one leading my path. Only He can determine if I will ever have a lifetime companion or not, be it in the form of marriage or otherwise.

Anyway, if I ever get married, I hope it feels like the way these two weddings look. A lovely lady named Jessica and a gentleman named Tyler got married a few days ago and it looks like they had so much fun exploring creative ways to celebrate their union. They are both so free spirited, talented, energetic and joyfilled, I really dig them. look at these beautiful photos taken by Adam Sjoberg. And check out more of his photos of the wedding party here.

last two photos obtained from Blinking Against the Brightness

I don't know these next folks, but their wedding looked like it was so fun. I think that is how weddings should be. Just joy filled. Happy people gathering together in free celebration of a beautiful pair of people who are choosing to make a big decision. Their names are Adam and Halli.
photos by Josh Goleman

they even had a kissing booth:

You have to admit these are pretty awesome weddings. Somethings they both had in common were a casual and eclectic atmosphere and an abundance of balloons as opposed to flowers. I love flowers, but the balloon idea is pretty neat too. I also love that both girls took their own spin on the idea of a wedding dress. Anyway, these are great I think. What makes them especially beautiful to me is that they really just celebrate the uniqueness of the couple getting married and the communities that they are a part of. Neat.


Margaret said...

Man, I'm kind of glad that Leif and I never had a wedding... Now we can have one and be really creative:)

Margaret said...

Also, Moorea, you will find love when God is ready for you to find it.

Moorea Seal said...

I completely agree. I definitely know that right at this very second, I am not supposed to be in love. Thank God for his planning and not my own.

anna church said...

moorea, I think we should get together and have a nice chat soon. It has been becoming increasingly clear me that we have very similar perspectives on things.

Vanessa said...

Fourth and fifth photos up from the bottom = amazing. Good finds, good finds!