400th Post!

It is my 400th post!
I have officially embarked on the journey outside of the academic world as of June 14th, 2009. It's been a little over a month, and I'm itching to create some new things!

And so begin NEW things as of the 4ooth post...

  • I have started on some new jewelry for my Etsy shop. expect to see some shiny new little things soon, and perhaps a SALE in the future! Mmm, yummy. I love sales.
  • I'd like to start a monthly give away of things featured in my Etsy shop! Exciting? I hope so. Keep your eyes peeled for that coming up soon!
  • I have decided to embark on the adventure of attempting to teach myself how to build a website. It's going to take forever, but I need to start investing in my art making as a profession. So first step, website! Here we go!
  • I'd like to start a weekly video of covers of songs that I dig, and that you dig. If you have any ideas of songs that you think I should cover, let me know!
  • I am doing a photoshoot on Thursday with my friend Anne modeling. Very excited. My friend Chelsea will be doing the make-up which I am most excited about. She has been a professional make-up artist for at least 5 years now. I'm excited to have some art to work on! I'll post the shots when I am done editing them so you can have some peeks at what I am up to...
  • I've decided that for the next year, if I do choose to purchase any clothing, I will only buy vintage clothes. I'll show you documentation of my findings as the year progresses and as my closet ever so slowly starts to leap back in decades.

As for other NEW changes in life, I am looking for a new house in Wallingford with a few of my friends for the fall. Send all your wishes and prayers and hopes into the air that we find a nice, clean, affordable house with a bus stop near by! And pray that I find a new job in the art field so that I can quit nannying. I work for one artist right now, but I can't rely on just that to live off of. I need some more opportunities. I'm job huntin'. Eek.

ps, this song is my favorite right now. I am so over nannying, it's driving me a little cuckoo. But I gotta keep going for another month and a half. This song perks me up when I am feeling moody and cranky.

have a happy week my friends, and let me know how you feel about the montly give away idea, the weekly videos, and so on and so forth.


Margaret said...

400 Posts! So exciting:) Prayers and prayers and prayers!

Allie said...

So fun! I love giveaways. Duhr. And I agree, Cam Obscur is an instant perker-upper.

linzi said...

sounds sweet moorea! i really enjoyed getting updated on your life :D i cant wait to see all the places you will go with your art... :D :D

Anonymous said...

There is something so exciting about lists, about planning. Just the very act of seems to spur on actual change and get me going. Oh lists.