4th O July

4th of July

happy birthday Amurca. and by Amurca I mean America.
You are gettin' pretty old but in comparison to some other countries I know, you are still a kid. Don't worry, you don't have wrinkles yet.

My roommates and I are having a 4th O July shindig today/tonight. We live up the street from Gas Works park in Seattle, which also happens to be where all the fireworks are going to be blasting off tonight. The streets are going to be closed off and we are going to pull our couches out into the street. Doing a little bbq-ing, though only 2 of us out of the 7 are not vegetarian.

Now any occasion to dress up, other than stupid events where you have to wear a glamorous dress (I can never find anything I like), I am all in it. I really dig dress up. In high school on Halloween one year I dressed up as Glenda the good witch from Wiz of Oz. My dress was crazy huge. I said to some of my friends, "Oh I love getting to do dress up." And they responded with, "Moorea, you dress up everyday." What can I say, its fun.

So today, my roomie Britta and I are dressing up. She is borrowing a crazy red white and blue patterned skirt of mine and a bright blue shirt with ruffles. And I am wearing this (I'm feeling kind of 50's housewife today.) :
my red glasses from high school
my vintage red white and blue plaid skirt with a r/w/b belt
and my new red shoesie

Too bad I am feeling super introverted and not very sociable. I'll try to squeeze some extroversion out of me today. Also, if i were feeling a little more sassy and extroverted I would wear my sparkley blue beret thing. But I'd prefer to not to have eyes blinded by my hat today.
Have fun kids, and be safe!


Margaret said...

I'm glad you dressed up for 4th of July! Leif likes your belt and I do too:)

Kyla Roma said...

Such a cute outfit! Even if you stayed in, having something like that on makes the day better.

Penelope said...

Great 4th of July outfit!

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

lovely shoes and a very pretty outfit
you're adorable <3