Etsy Update!

I have just finished ten new pieces for my Etsy shop! Yay finally! They will be in the shop by the end of the week, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll announce it here when they are finally up so you can hurry on over!

Also, I am doing my first free Giveaway next week! I will be giving away one of my new handmade necklaces. Are you excited? I hope so!

Lastly, a little explanation as to my hiatus from making more jewelry in the past few months. Perhaps it is because I am watching Love Actually, and because I have been admiring my blogging friends and Etsy inspirations who make art and crafts with their boyfriends/husbands, (check out Gala and Zach Bent, Vintage Renaissance, Somethings Hiding in Here) but here's the explanation, and it has to do with love. Well, sort of. I wasn't in love, but I was hoping I guess. You see, I started my jewelry business with my boyfriend of the time. And now he is an ex boyfriend. As much as I thought I was sure about him, it didn't really matter because he wasn't sure about me. Hence the no longer dating. Now, it has been quite awhile since we broke up. And my heart has mended. And so I am continuing on with the jewelry! It just has taken me awhile to start working on it without getting sad about the loss of my art making partner and best friend. He was my powerful muse for that brief moment in time. So in the past few months, I have been searching for new muses, not found in men, but what ever else the world would give me.

I haven't been in love in 3 years. It is so strange to have experienced such a powerful love at 17, and then another beautiful love at 20. And then for 3 years since then... just absence. I know it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. But really, I'd rather be tortured by the agony of love than the melancholy drone of it's absence.

I guess the latest roll of jewelry is my shout of independence. My deep hearted pursuit to find fulfillment and relief from the heavy weight of my heart when it lacks the buoyancy of love. I really loved having a partner, and companion, a friend plus more who enjoyed working with me and creating things together. The liking with the last partner felt powerful enough to develop into love eventually, at least for me. But nope. I hope that when I do finally love again, that it will not be a replacement for what once was with someone else, or just a filler for what once lacked. I hope that I will get to feel the gift of love once more in the future with someone who will love to create as much as me, who will want to work with me, and who will love me as passionatley as I love them, as I love creating, and will love God as much as I do.

As much as I crave independence, as much as I tell myself I could be alone forever, my heart still echoes with remembrance of honest romance.


Anonymous said...

You know.. sometimes I think we all crow so much about the ability to be independent, about our strength alone, and yeah - I think that being a bad ass number one (and only) is pretty sweet. But I think that being able to admit that you like being with somebody, staying with somebody, being a part of two.. is kinda shyed away from. I always feel that way in the presence of women who eschew knitting and cooking in light of being liberated women who are firefighters. I think.. maybe the beauty lay in being comfortable with being both, alone and together. *hug* I think you kick ass. And I've decided we're going to be pen pals. You know, addendum to the fact I think you're a knitting fire fighting bad ass. xo

Anne Elysabethe Barkett said...

I say, "Down with Love".