Fashion Fridays: Its fun being a little Excessive...

My friend Jess once commented on a favorite pair of boots of mine, "those are a little excessive." She didn't mean it in a critical way, just an observation. And I in return thought, "yep. You know, I think I am most happy with my outfit and most comfortable in it when it borders, or jumps deep into the land of Excessive." So in honor of over the top ridiculous outfits, here is what I desperately wish I were wearing today.

A Little Excessive
A Little Excessive by mooreaseal featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

I need to start wearing bow ties with everything I think. And I need a job where I can wear high heels. I LOVE heels. I am 5'9" and I don't need anymore height, but I just love heels. Always have, always will. Don't care if I look like a giant walking string bean. Get me some feminine heels.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to wear heels all the time.. *sigh* I'm 5'2" and would LOVE to just clomp around all day in excess of 5'5" hahaha.. xxoxo