Fashion Lust: Malene Birger

oh mama, I want these outfits so bad. And I want an appropriate place to wear said outfits. ...sigh... maybe one day when my art is worth more than nothing, they can design me a snappy little ensemble for some fancy shmancy event.

I'd wear this to a walk through of galleries in France.

I would wear this everywhere right now! I'd even attempt at wearing it to nanny...

I'd wear this to a meeting with an art patron... one day.

I'd wear this every second if I could. I'm in love. It's whimsical and structured and modern.
Okay more like I'd wear it to my own art opening, or maybe I'd wear it for a musical performance. And by that I mean, if I were performing for more than 50 people.

Oh Fashion. I love thee.

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