My Favorite Things

well shoot, this pair of musicians is one incredible cacophony of beautiful sounds. this girl showed up as being someone i sound similar to on youtube. i'd say we sound similar, but she has really really really damn good chops. aka, we sound similar but she is 500 times better. she is the sound i have been working for my whole life basically. uhg. if i could figure out to reach into my depths to produce music that sounds like hers, i think i will keel over and die. I'd say on an incredibly good day i maybe harness 1/4 of her sound. check out Pomplamoose's music here. ps that is this pair's name, which also is strange and eery to me because that was my name in my french classes in high school. yes, its true. i chose the name grapefruit in french. it is my favorite french word. another reason to love this band. they have good taste in words. and fruits. and sounds.

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leslie said...

I watched this all weekend long. Too bad they don't have it on their iTunes album.