A Song to My Younger Self

I just wrote a new little diddy:

ps, I am performing tonight at the Hopvine Pub in Capitol Hill (Seattle). Come join and be merry! It is on 15th Ave and I'm playing at 8pm.


Allie said...

Oh, it's beautiful. I love listening to your pretty little voice.

The Sky Is Crying, The Sun Is Shining said...

It's a great demo. Bedroom versions of songs, when good, are just these amazing little gems. Have you ever heard the Beatles' Esher Demos? After they all got back from India they met up at George's house and spent a couple of afternoons just informally showing each other the tunes they each had come up with. Everything's laid down on a 2 or 4 track in this living room setting with just a couple of acoustic guitars. It's a blast to listen to.

Here's a link: http://rapidshare.com/files/253565894/Unplugged.rar


Anyway, i really love this song. I've listened to it a couple of times, and sometimes i hear a rock version, and sometimes i hear a 60s-Motown-Unchained-Melody kind of ballad, with lush and moody strings in the background. And then there's just the temptation to just let it be as it is, as a beautiful bedroom version. One thing to remember when considering all of these possible variations is that it can be any which one, and that's a testament to a really good song.



ModestMix said...

oh my gad you have the voice of an ANGEL. Lol this is such a sweet little melody, i am in love with this song. I can't wait to hear the full version. You're lovely! <3

Cheeyan said...

your voice is so lovely :) You remind me of Ingrid Michaelson

Anonymous said...

i can't believe how long I've been reading your blog and have just found your music. I love this song! Thanks for sharing :)

Moorea Seal said...

aw thanks sweetheart!
xo Moorea