Cat Massage

fun fact of the day: I live in a house of 7 ladies, 2 boys camped in the back yard, 2 of my best friends who happen to be a couple sleeping on the couches until they set up their tent in the backyard when the other boys leave, and 2 psychotic cats.

The cats are ridiculous. Their names are Betty and Veronica. Veronica is a lard ass and Betty is basically anorexic...or she may have worms. One or the other. They come together to create to most obnoxious meowing racket you have ever heard. Divas, you ask? Yes, I completely agree with you. Perhaps if we follow this ridiculous video's instructions we will have them eating out of the palms of all 11 of our hands. Gross. Never mind on that idea.


Alexandra said...

i'm peeing my pants

Allie said...

Holy Shit! The editing in this is INSANE.