Fashion Fridays: Kate Spade

Kate Spade
honey, you know me too well.

I thought I hated Kate Spade's stuff. Well at least I just hated her bags. They just feel "mom"-y and too stiff and boxy always. But boy, she hit the head on the nail with her new clothing collection. So damn cute.

Yea I still hate most of her bags. They look so stiff and stuffy. Boring. But she did a good job of adding some sass to her cute little clothing line. Go girl. You aren't so boring and mom-y after all.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

*Hangs head in Kate Spade bag carrying mom shame* Actually, I agree kinda-the reason I was drawn to Spade's bags is because my clothing is generally a little over the top and needed a plain bag to off-set some of my quirk.

Her clothing line is indeed very cute.

Anonymous said...

Cute collection! :) Hey! I had one of my first "rantings" on my blog, and I would like to hear your opinion (as a fellow artist! :)). Thoughts??

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Adorable collection although I totally agree with you about her overall stuffiness.

Anonymous said...

I love all of the colored tights... but I completely agree, the handbags are a no go.. way to square (both figuratively and literally).