Flirting's For Dummies

our leading man and leading lady (photo taken by moi) Tommy (played by Tommy Castle) and Brianna (played by Cynthia Haan)

Flirting's For Dummies
a surreal short film

This weekend a few of my friends and I participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival. It is an international competition, but the first few rounds just take place within major cities before it becomes a world wide duke out. Our team was headed up by the ever so talented Zeek Earl. (you can check out some of his other short films on his vimeo site or youtube.)
Zeek is originally from Keizer, Oregon and he likes the film crowd in Portland more than Seattle, so we all made a road trip down to Portland to being our journey.

Zeek Earl: director/writer/cinematographer Moorea Seal (me): stylist/musician Derek Hanson: actor

Alec Wetherington: actor/musician Nathaniel Rogers: actor/musician Brice Budke: director's assistant/actor

We arrived at the beginning station, which was a tiny old church that was for sale, at 7pm on Friday. We, and all the other 60 groups, were assigned a genre, character, prop, and a line that we had to use in the film. Ours were:
  • Genre: Fantasy (which we reinterpreted as "Surreal" or "Magic Realism")
  • Character: Brianna Merryweather "Lab Technician"
  • Prop: a Picture Frame
  • Line: "For Cryin' Out Loud"
For only having 48 hours to drive back and forth to from Portland to Keizer to Portland, come up with a screenplay, create costumes and props, scout out backdrops and scenery, write all original music, film in a variety of locations, edit and do special effects, I am pretty pleased with what we came up with. Zeek is a fantastic leader. I think it's pretty fun and everyone in our group did a really great job using their talents. I ended up doing a lot of costuming/music writing/music performing. What can I say, I'm a folk singin' gal with a penchant for pretty vintage items.

As for styling: I contributed one of my favorite vintage dresses, vintage purse and regular ol' leggings for miss Brianna to wear. I did her hair and make up as well. She looks darling, lets be honest here. I handmade Tommy's bowtie and picked out his shirt too. They are a couple in real life as well as on screen, and boy are they cute.

Music wise: I wrote a song called "Young Love" for the scene at the park. My friend Alec, who is also in my band, and I collaborated on a different version of the song for the scene when they are on a picnic by the river. It has some pretty silly lyrics, so keep your ears alert to the words.

Anyway, here is the short film. give it a glance and giggle with your friends. I am thinking of recording the full song, just for kicks. So i'll post the lyrics with it and maybe a video of me playing it in the coming days. Also, you can see a little snipet of me at the 50 second mark on the street wearing a pony tail and a striped sweater and the 1 min 30 second mark, (playing music in the park).


Fun weekend. lets hope the film makes it to the next round!


I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

"The gorillas are coming!!!"
Cute, clever and funny short movie.
I loved your song in the park.
And the main characters and their outfits were adorable.
Btw you make a cute gorilla! :p
Can't wait to hear
the rest of that song <3

Kyla Roma said...

I love you song, and I love how sweet and awkward their dynamic is. Beautiful bow tie too miss! Love it!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

fantastic! I love it all- you're pretty rad.

On a side note I'm working on some designs etc. for a show we're actually doing in Seattle, wanted to see if you'd maybe want to do help us come up with a poster! :) Email me if you're interested


jason said...

I hate it when that happens. Anyway, good movie. Made me laugh. Love the bow tie. Looks like it was a lot of fun to make.

Jody Dailey said...

my lady! You were in my home town. I watched the video with my sister last night and she was like "Is that nordstroms?"
It looked like a lot of fun! Nicely done.


zarah said...

so cool :D