I am a little obsessed with things that are deemed secret or mystical.
And I have always been fascinated with the Freemasons. Some call them a cult, but I think those people are just freaked out by things they can't explain or secrets they will never know. I am totally fine with mystery, and even more so, intrigued and fascinated by it.
I have been zipping through a really silly book I got about the supposed "secrets of Freemasons" though I doubt much of it is true other than the general historical facts and the naming of a few names. Still, entertaining and interesting.
I think I am just really really excited by the idea of a secret organization that is full of extremely fascinating and talented, driven people who also like secrets, mystery, wisdom and the like.
Its doctrine focuses on 3 main points, which should be the 3 part balances of each living day. "Brotherly love" "Relief" (or Charity) and "Truth" (or good morals). Wisdom and advancement of intellect are muy important-o. The supposed secrets I have read about, or at least the basic ones that don't have to do with ridiculous conspiracy theories, seem extremely appealing to me. Like the idea of balancing your time each day with one third of you day dedicated to taking care of the well being of others, one third dedicated to furthering your own growth in intellect and craft, and one third dedicated to the basic needs of life. Seems good to me.

Now I know that a lot of my friends think that Freemasonry is crazy or freaky or is a cult or blablabla. But I don't think so. Maybe I am blind, or I always seem to just focus on the good and avoid bad, but its pretty damn rad that The Shriners (a Masonic subgroup) have donated almost $10 BILLION DOLLARS to building hospitals and free heath care for children. Also, it is commonly stated that U.S. masons give $2 MILLION to charity EVERYDAY.

Heres the deal, I kinda dig Freemasonry. The little I know about it. Some think its heretical. Some think it is its own religion. Some people think its evil. But how can you know if something is evil when you just have heard a few weird conspiracy theories. Some people are different than me. No, a lot of people are different than me. So maybe I should join the women's group of Freemasonry so I can be buddies with the secret mystery loving women like me. Ladies, where you at? I know you only have to be 21 to apply to be a Freemason. So maybe you only need to be 21 to apply to be a part of the women's chapter. I'm really interested. Should I even say that on a blog?

This here ends my small rant on how interested I am, and have been for a very long time, in Freemasonry. Does that freak you out?


Bill said...

The mystery is found in each persons heart and what is taught or explained in Masonry is the search for light (as in knowledge) is never ending. As "regular" Freemasonry is only open to men aged 18-21 minimum (depending on where you live, you would have to look into The order of the Eastern Star or if under 21, you could look into the International Order of the Rainbow Girls. These organizations are not a cult or a religion, although they are religious in nature. Most meetings are open with a prayer that is generic so people of all faiths can come together and work for a common purpose. Unfortunately I have found that many younger people have the "what's in it for me" attitude and that their time is too valuable to get involved. Remember that before Facebook and Myspace, Freemasonry was the original social network.
There are 'irregular' woman's and co-masonry organizations in this country and in Europe as well. As a Freemason I encourage all to seek knowledge as it is not only found in books and school but all around us in everyday life.
As far as those secrets go, well each person must find it themselves.
I have to admit that if one should sit in on a meeting of Freemasons they might find it a little boring. It's how Masons act outside the lodge that show what is learned. Of the 3 tenants you named Masons hold Charity to be the most important. To aid a member of the human family in need is seen as the greatest act one can do.
So seek and you will find, knock and the doors will be opened to you. Good luck on your journey.

Moorea Seal said...

bill, i loved your response.

anna church said...

For two consecutive Halloween's when I was in elementary school, I went to a Halloween party that a classmate threw. It was held at his house which also was inside a freemason living community/society park thingy in the redwood forest in the santa cruz mountains. This was my first encounter with freemasonry. Also, a frind of mine from santa cruz is a freemason... well I think he is, I don't think it is something they like to broadcast because of the secret-ness of their society. I think freemasons are great. Unfortunately I am not 21 yet, but when I am (next year) I think it would be awesome to become a freemason lady.