Indie Girls Deconstructed

If you are a boy or a girl and you have a crush on Zooey Deschanel (really, who doesnt?) then you should read this. Its so funny and so true. And it a little bit makes me embarrassed that I have long brown hair with straight across bangs, big blue eyes and gangly legs and arms, favor vintage cutsey girly clothes and am really into music. All these things are just true to myself stuff and unfortunatley parallel Zooey except I am no where near her amazingly adorable quirky Manic Pixie Dream Girl status. She sets a high cute level bar that no real human can live up to. She may possibly an angel or an alien. or a hybrid.

Indie Girls Deconstructed
analyzing the cute factors of Zooey


Jamie said...

I'm thinking hybrid alien/angel.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

hahahah omg, I LOVE THIS. And yes, i TOTALLY have a crush on her.

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

no one can have
as big a crush on
her as me :p

you're incredibly cute too ;)

I love bangs and vintage clothes


James Eric Laczkowski said...


That is all :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like her she is SO annoying omg