Kafka and other things wonderful and not wonderful

Kafka is so wonderful.

Not wonderful: lacking a house to move into once I get the boot in 2 weeks. F*@#*&@
Wonderful: only 2 more days left of nannying
Not wonderful: not knowing when I can visit everyone in California
Wonderful: a weekend away in Portland and Keiser Oregon, helping write music for, perform, costume design, illustrate and act for a film for the 48 Hour Film Festival.
Not wonderful: not being able to think about anything other than the fact that my roommates and I have nowhere to go in 2 weeks.
Wonderful: buying a bed and a bookcase for $50 total.
Not wonderful: being really damn tired and cranky.
Wonderful: the fact that Justin came back from Japan a week ago, Katie and Tyler came back from Alaska on Monday, Alex came back from California today, Dan will be back briefly from Alaska before NY on Thurs.
Not Wonderful: Anne left for home and Argentina Friday.
Wonderful: Anne is going to Argentina.
Not Wonderful: Dan will be moving to NY and everyone will miss him.
Wonderful: Dan, Jon, Jess, Erin and Josh and other great folks will be in NY and I will have to visit them!
Not wonderful: being tired of the bustle of the city
Wonderful: remembering how much I love being in a small town with peace filled people.


Allie said...

YOU are wonderful.

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

A wonderful entry
you;re more than just wonderful.
I love Kafka 'The Trial' is my fave
have you seen Jeremy Irons
playing him in Soderbergh's 'Kafka'?
Hope you're feeling better.
And glad you're spending time
with your friends, small towns
are pretty and lovely.