The New Antique Society

How incredible are these folks? In the New York Times they recently featured young folks, well twenty somethings is what I mean by young, who have a penchant for the oddities of the yesteryear. I am in heaven. I adore these strange space and wouldn't mind living in one of them myself. My dad is a collector of things, some being large antique pieces, California post impressionist paintings, fancy sea shells, taxidermy, vintage Persian rugs, fancy liquor in antique crystal bottles, copious amounts of books. And by the looks of it, the hippest of the hip in Brooklyn are jumping on his bandwagon. I'm in love with these spaces and kooky collections.

Say hello to sisters Hollister, left, and Porter Hovey. Heroes.

And here we have Mister Ryan Matthew, a collector of Victorian oddities.

...marry me so I can live in your space, thanks.

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Christopher Seal said...

Yep! Looks like our house, Moorea. The originator of this style was a guy name Charles de Beistegui, but it really is just what you'd call the English country house look... layers and layers of interesting objects.