Ranier, you do me well.

My friend Andrea at Miel et Cannelle just did a little post about the amazing new but looks vintage Jansport backpacks. Yum. I dig it. But lets be honest, I already have an amazing backpack that I tote around everyday.

I purchased it at the Sunday Market in Fremont, Seattle. Its a vintage Ranier Beer backpack, our own Seattle's token cheap beer. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of cheapo beers. For those of you familiar with nasty old PBR, its like Seattle's step brother to PBR. Why do people even like PBR? I know for some reason it is hip, maybe because its so freakin cheap. Patrick loved PBR that silly boy. Miss you Patty cakes. He's probably rolling around on his fixed gear in heaven drinking beer with the hippest Saints in town.
I tote this backpack around everyday. On the bus, to the artist's studio, to nannying, to the park and so on and so on. Most often the two side pockets contain a red water bottle for the 3 year old I nanny and a pink one for the 6 year old. If I were a badass, and not a nanny, those pockets would contain 2 cans of Rainer. But I'm far too boring for that business.

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Allie said...

I'm muy jealous of your beer backpack. Gotta get me one a those.