When I was a Kid...

When I was 8 years old, a shy little British girl with a brooding hatred for all things American, I moved to the U.S. with my family of 4. Soon after, my accent flew away with the wind that Pocahontas sang about, a fifth family member soon joined the family, and American culture slowly seeped its way into my heart and soul. (Though, I refused to admit America was my home until high school.)

Here are some things to take you back to the old days when, as a kid, you lived to sing along with your favorite t.v. shows.

Clarissa Explains it All.

All That. yes. I had the entire intro rap memorized. mostly...

Words I remember from the intro: This is just an introduction before we blow your mind, the show is all that and yes we do it all the time. So sit ya bootie on the floor or in a chair, blabla in the air, just don't go no. blabla very thing we do, WERE ALL THAT, were entertaining you, WERE ALL THAT. My posse and my friends, so sit still cuz were coming right atcha.

Salute Your Shorts. Notice a Rilo Kiley member is in the cast...

live action version of the Doug intro!

I could go on and on. But these are just the basics of a few shows that shaped my intro into American culture. Oh the yesteryear. Anyone else really dig these shows as kids?


anna church said...

yes. all of them! Doug was my favorite for sure though!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA... I watched EVERY single one of them, although I'd completely forgotten about salute your shorts until now. Too funny.

Margaret said...

Haha! I miss Clarissa.

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

I used to watch clarissa a lot too
and I used to watch repeatedly
80s kids movies with a sense of adventure, with in mind all the adventures I wished I was brave enough to take, such as Stand By Me; Time Bandits, The Never-Ending Story etc
I was a sad lonely British kid
like Casper in Ken Loach's Kes
it would've been lovely to have had
a friend like you back in those
lonely unadventurous times <3

(btw I adore your flickr pics
especially the ones outside
and the one with a book over
your face lol)