Wishful Wednesday

Oh there are so many things I covet on Etsy. Here are some of my favorites right now:

all from Dear Golden Vintage
(I would buy all of these in a HEARTBEAT if I could afford it. Sigh...)

these dresses make me melt.

that bow tie is incredible.

I love plaid when red is involved.


and all of these are from Becky Drolen Vintage


stewardess dress = rad, and I recently discovered that I love wearing red.

the embroidery and the shortness of this dress SCREAMS my name.

Oh if I were more willing to be frivolous with my money, these would be a few of the pretty things I would wear.


Allie said...

Oh, that bow tie is just the cutest thing. A lot of the above styles are coming back because of the "Mad Men" phenom. But I've ALWAYS liked it. So suck it, Mad Men.

Anne Elysabethe Barkett said...

love itttttttt. especially the top dress on the left!

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

all of those outfits
are so cute
and they'd suit you perfectly ;)