Dan Corson

oh hey thats me and my camera

Oh hello Darlings. That image above is not Dan Corson, rather, me in the bathroom of Dan Corson's opening. I went to an art opening for Dan Corson at Suyama Space 2 few days ago. Here are a few snipets from the show. The blue images are from inside the amazing bathroom. Strangely, the womens' bathroom consisted of a beautiful single modern room with 2 toilets sitting next to each other. No stall separating them. Intimate. And the art show itself was beautiful. Fluid green bans of light running through the air, illuminating the shape of the interiors of a cave while the light reflected into dark water on the ground, creating an intense depth the flowed through the floor, appearing as though a whole new underwater layer of cave dwellings had emerged from the ground. So good.

Dan Corson's art in Seattle
the lighting in this bathroom was the bestQuite arty


Anonymous said...

Oh, the bans of light are just simply beautiful. As far as the toilet situation, hmm... not so sure I'm ready to be that intimate. Lovely photos.

Allie said...

That looks like fun! Gosh, I want to go to an art opening; how glamorous!