de-stress test

I am off to the bank in an hour to sort out all this mess. If worse comes to worse, I will probably just start crying because I just have been having an up and down week. But at least a little good news, I have someone helping me out filling my bank account so I am back to being in the positive as opposed to NEGATIVE $650. Hopefully I can get the bank to reimburse me so I can give them the money back asap.

Oh life and its twists and turns. Uhg.

I am thankful I have friends and family who are always so quick to help me in difficult situations. I am thankful I live half a mile from the bank. I am thankful my roommate will let me borrow her kick ass bike to let me ride over there asap. I am thankful I live with the friends I live with. I am thankful I have my own room to retreat to. I am thankful I believe in prayer, not as a means to get everything I want, but as a means to find hope in seemingly hopeless situations. I am thankful I have little opportunities to give to other people, though I cannot always give in the ways that they give to me. I am thankful for love. I am thankful for books, for alone time, for peace. I am thankful for sisters are my best friends. I am thankful for friends who are like sisters. I am thankful I can talk to Alexandra about anything and everything. I am thankful I have people I can trust. I am thankful for light hearted moments, for new crushes, for laughter, for movies with friends, for ice cream and m&ms. For so many things, even when I am sad, I give thanks. I have so many valuable things that bring me joy. I am sad feeling at the moment, but this too shall pass.


jason said...

Good luck. I've been in that situation more than I care to relate, and, yeah, it sucks. It sucks confidence and self esteem right out or you. But I have learned that if you keep trying, and praying, things work out in time, So I keep reminding myself.
Isn't life fun?

Lovely White Things said...

guess i was a little late.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize until just now that you'd stopped by my blog... thanks! And can I just say- even though I know your having a tough time right now, I appreciate your honesty so much. Your blog is so refreshing and encouraging, not to mention your photography is Amazing! So glad I stumbled upon you, and wish you all the best in these stressful times- never stop believing in the power of prayer!

Alexandra said...

Sometimes, I just need to close my eyes and resort to another place. I go to the nearest cafe and get a latte, and find a place I have never been before, in hopes I can just escape and get lost for a little bit. I love you forever