I am Well

I came to a realization today that I feel well. Its a separateness from feeling good. I feel genuinely well! Isn't that crazy? I have never been able to say that I feel well in all areas of life. I am happy with who I am in all aspects. I mean, I always am looking to improve, but I genuinely feel like I really understand how to love and respect myself fully. I love my extremely emotional heart, I love my forgetful but creative mind, I love my body and I feel totally comfortable with it all, my insides and outs, I love my spirit, my passionate and rebellious and stubborn soul, I love my tears and my reasons for crying, I love that I am more comfortable speaking poetically than trying to talk in a way that feels normal to most people, I love that I am not extroverted, that I am not a social butterful, that my gifts lay elswhere and that my value is not cemented in other peoples' abilities to see the good in me, rather it up to me to recognize my own value and to love myself for exactly all that I am and all that I lack.

I love my job, I love that I can go to "work" and get to help create incredible immense pieces of art with other people whose spirits are similar to mine, who are calm and peaceful on the exterior, free spirited and genuine, exuberant in their interior worlds and who speak my same artistic language. I love that we can blast good music over the surround speakers in the studio and can laugh together at outrageous stories and about our strange quirks. I love that I work in the international district and I get to be in a diverse community, not one that feel stuffy and suffocating or restrictive. I love that I sometimes almost want to cry out of joy and love when I am on the bus watching different types of people come and go.

I love my friends so much. I love that certain friends can inspire me so deeply through their own specific interests. I love seeing connections between what they are educated in and what I am educated in. I love the differences and I love the similarities. I love that I have friends who are such good compliments to me, who help me be a better me and help bring out the person I have a hard time revealing to most people. I appreciate how understanding they are of me. I adore my friends.

I love my new home. I love that I have my own space, a retreat, and a place to feel comfortable communing with other people. I have a place to reenergize and to center myself. I have a place to focus and to feel free to explore through what is inspiring in this small space. I love the new influences and inspirations opened up to me through my new roommates. I love that I get to rekindle old friendships and create new ones, and just continue on in the closest friendship I have all under this roof.

I love that I finally understand how to best take care of my health and my body. I understand how to work with my anemia, how to care for myself clearly. I love that I love to hike, and i deeply love TO hike, love to be active, get outside, explore, adventure. I love to eat healthy things and feel refreshed and clean. I love having friends who want to be as healthy as me, who want to take care of themselves as I want to take care of myself. I love that we are excited to encourage each other in our health. it feels really good. I am just excited to take care of my health even more than just the health of my body. I am excited about taking care of my mental health, my emotional health, spiritual health, everything. YES!

I love that I come from the family I come from. I love that I am the way I am because of exactly the way that my past is my past. I love my sisters SO deeply. I can say in all honesty that I would die for them. I would. I love how extremely unique and strange and fascinating and awesome my parents are. They are so weird, and I am so weird and really so is everyone in the world, but not enough people admit it. My family admits it and relishes in it. I love my family.

I truly love my life.
I am well.

And this music right now is kicking my ass in the best way possible:

Veronica Falls
listen to the song Beachy Head
girls and boys, you have a rockin' sound and your personal style is perfecto.
look at these kids:

Naomi Punk
this song is probably one of the most joyful sounding things I have heard in a very long time.
naomi punk :: N/A

Vivian Girls
queens of girl group rock and roll.


Suki said...

You are amazing!!!

It's great, not just that you feel well, but also that you're able to see so clearly all the good in your life, and then to express so that others can think about the good in their lives too.

I wish I could say I feel well too... I do, kinda, but there are still shadows lurking, anxieties, things still unresolved, areas of damage that have yet to heal...

And yet so much is good. I should recognise it more! I should be more thankful and focus on all the amazing blessings in my life. Hey, I might even write about it too!

Thanks for this beautiful and inspiring post.

Margaret said...

I love you Moorea:) I love reading your blog and I love hearing that you are well!

You are such a beautiful person with such a loving heart and spirit. I only hope and pray for the best for you! God has blessed you in so many ways and because He loves you He will continue to do so.

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

I'm very glad you love and respect yourself because you should and I wish you happiness and good health
you deserve it and much more
and I too love your blog a lot
and I enjoy your taste
and I'm gonna download and listen
to those songs in a mo
and wish you a lovely weekend <3

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

had to stop by again and say
Veronica Falls sound very interesting
and lovely and I like em lots

Anonymous said...

Moorea, thanks for the well wishes! I remember as a freshman, Laura Lasworth told me to get to know you, and since then I had an eye on what you were doing in the art world. I too wish I would have actually gotten to know you... I think we have very similar taste in many things {I'm a total blog lover too :)}.
It sounds like life is in a great spot right now. I look forward to reading on here about all you're doing.
I really appreciated the "Hi". Have a good one!