I love Baby Animals.

I love animals so much. I love baby animals even more. I love baby bears the most. So many poor bears are killed, it hurts my heart. And that means there are lots of baby orphan bears that will either not make it on their own or will be taken and sold as pets or to circuses. Neither of which are good ideas. Oh sweet little bears, I love you. Look at this little darling, doesn't it make your heart melt? Oh I could never intentionally kill an animal. Sweet beautiful things.


Margaret said...

Baby animals are so precious. I don't even like animals that much but I always want a baby animal. I always beg Leif haa

Anonymous said...

Oh that little baby... I'm so glad he was rescued. It hurts my heart too to see animals in captivity and used for our amusement. Animal cruelty just breaks my heart. If we don't fight for them, who will?

Awmb said...

This little wee bear is the cutest thing ever! My step mom is a vet, so you can imagine all of the strays she brought home. I loved having puppies and looking after them. And one time, I helped a ewe give birth (gross, but amazing at the same time) when I was about 12 years old. I'm glad this little bear was saved.