Into the Woods We Go

I'm going on a mini hiking camping trip today and tomorrow. See you on Friday my friends! Hopefully, weather permitting, I will take lots of photos of beautiful outside things, though I only have a macro lens so I won't be able to get those big breath taking wide angle lens shots. Oh well. We are going to the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington. I love this state.

ps, the photo/word beautiful combo was inspired by this beautiful song by Elliott Smith. He is so amazing. I remember walking into the art room my senior year of high school, the day that he died, and everyone was so upset. So many people in my hometown adored/adore him, and I know I can really resonate with someone new if I know they love Elliott.


Suki said...

I adore this song, which I also hadn't heard before. This just gets better!

Have a lovely trip.


I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

Hope you have a delightful trip
I love walking <3
and I adore Elliott Smith too