Sartorialist Men

Can you believe how incredibly sharp all of these men look? Ah, kill me. The Sartorialist is just amazing. All of these are from his blog.

blue socks matching blue tie? amazing. that red shirt fits perfectly. and old man, you are so snazzy.

champions of mixing pattern.

ok, favorite 3. blue pants, gorgeous oxford style, and stripe master of the universe.

You know, I love living in Seattle. But men here really just don't want to have fun with style. I tend to like pretty earth toned natural styled boys anyway, but still. Not many people at all want to have fun with style, or at least they don't want to step outside of the norm. Everyone here is a walking Urban Outfitters or American Apparel catalog. That is as exciting as fashion gets here most of the time. An easily prescribed sense of style. Boring...


Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed with the style of my new little town. 4000 students can really inject some flash into a place! xo

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sartorialist- so inspiring and creative. I am often amazed at the outfits my husband comes up with... they are often times quite creative. I wish he dressed up more.