Sneaking Through the Woods and Into the Wild

Good news. My dad yelled at the stupid bank and all that money mess is sorted out. Phew. Lets get back to being concerned about the better things in life than money, like the world outside!
My friend Cody and I went on a two day hiking trip this week and I shot a few photos along the way. It was such a great trip. Perfect temperature outside, beautiful sunshine, mossy ground cover, rushing waters, lush forests. We went to the Olympic Peninsula, specifically to a trail near Hamma Hamma. Living in Washington is the best. Seattle is my favorite city just about anywhere. I can be in the bustle of city life one minute and then can retreat to my cozy neighborhood of Wallingford in an instant. The next moment, I can escape outside of the city quickly to incredible hiking destinations.

The only little problem was that when we got to the trail head there was a sign saying Trail Closed. There had been a fire recently and I guess the rangers weren't wanting people to go on the trail till it had been completely cleared of rock slide debris, fallen trees and all that jazz. We decided to hike it anyway.
here is what a few spots of the trail looked like. eek! haha
we decided to hike it even though there had just been a fire, we saw 2 smoking fallen trees, and we walked through settled landslides. i love adventures.

see more photos on my flickr


Suki said...

these photographs are stunning!


Margaret said...

Oh how beautiful! Please show me your wonderful photography ways:)

Anonymous said...

oh sometimes dad's are just the best. I'm glad its sorted, I was worried for/about you. xo