stress test

I had been having a good day until I checked my bank account balance. I just deposited all my roommates checks for the rent this month a couple of days ago. It totaled a shit load of money, And when my landlord deposited the one check I gave him covering rent, I should have had a few hundred dollars left in my bank account. But today when I checked, it seems one of the checks of my roommates, who is in Argentina right now, bounced. Which means all the times I swiped my debit cards on little things like lunch the other day or a pack of gum all ended up being withdrawls from a bank account that actually had no money in it since my Landlord promptly deposited my checked. Am I fucked? yes. I am freaking out. How to get a hold of my roommate in Argentina? I dont know. Will this screw over my landlord? I dont know. Where the hell am I supposed to stumble across 700 dollars to replace the lack in my bank account suddenly? Another one of my roommates can help me out for the month but after that I am still screwed and need to have the money stat.
Problem: I make $8 an hour at my job. I don't work many hours. I am really stressed out. Prayer. Thats all I can do tonight until I go to the bank tomorrow to talk with someone in person about what went wrong with her check. Please pray for me. I feel the stressed tightening in my neck and back and I have no one to give me a good massage to calm me.

In the meantime, here are some photos of my new room. Miel et Cannelle, do you recognize something in this photo? Hint: I wear it all the time.

dresser top

bags and beatles

chair art

headboard art and scarves galore

sister and bear love

love texture and color

How do you guys feel about the size of the photos? I kind of like them huge this size.


Lovely White Things said...

i love huge photos!

When you go to your bank, explore the option of a small credit line. Then when your friend gets back from Argentina, you can work it out. Maybe shoot her an email that her check bounced so she's not getting screwed while abroad. Just a couple thoughts. Money is so stressful!

JD said...

Chuck Palahniuk <3