A letter to a fantastic band:

Holy Shit.
The Depreciation Guild, you are so so so so so good. How have I not heard you prior to seeing you play tonight? Just want to let you know, rarely do I get this excited about a band that first passes under my radar. Also, so so so rarely do i feel so twitterpaited after being at a show. Also also, so extremely rarely am I enamored like a little school girl with a musician. Musicians rarely entice me being as their musicality is not foreign or mysterious to me. Though, I guess, speaking through music is more clear to me than normal spoken word. Striped shirt beauty... you have something rare and alluring. And fuck, you are a good guitarist. Also, you are extremely handsome. The creases of your smile make me weak at the knees.
Love, Moorea


Suki said...

started reading thinking this would be another great musical discovery but hey girl, this post is a love poem!

Margaret said...

:)!!!!!!!!! This was great

Allie said...

New fave, for sure.