Busy Body, Building

Sorry I have been so absent for the past week or so! I have been super busy working (I am an artist's assistant to John Grade and I spend my days making pieces for sculptures. I love my job.) On top of that, I am in a band The Mopes and we have been recording in the studio with Phil Peterson this past week. (Plus we had a show on Sunday) Phil Peterson is amazing. I'll post a short video of him when I get the time. He is in Kay Kay and the Weathered Underground and Tennis Pro and has worked with a bazillion other amazing musicians and is grammy nominated and is just an all around bad ass.
Also, my internet is so slow and I have been battling with it all week. Anyhoo, when life slows down a little, I'll start blogging more regularly. Hold tight until I am back darlin's!

Until then, here's a little taste of the sculpture I helped install yesterday. Well... John and Ian did most of the work while Midori and I did the little helping things. Lets be honest, it was kind of scary up there in the top of the tower!

sculpture making for John Grade
i'm really good at scary smiles.


Suki said...

I'm so inspired by the multitude of creative things you do! It's amazing!

I love the sculpture-smile photo... that's a cool sculpture.


Suki said...

I've just heard about this book on the radio & thought of you as it's about John Clare (& Tennyson) - The Quickening Maze by Adam Foulds.