My goodness I have been busy. So the Mopes have been recording a lot the past few weeks and as of 3 days ago, we have some music up on myspace for you to listen to! Woohoo! You can listen to a few of our rough cut songs here before we release the better quality versions on EP in the winter.

I have spent my days jumping from babysitting gig to working hard away in the studio, building the sculptures that are due in the new Bellingham Modern Art Museum in 2 weeks, to recording songs with the band and more and more and more. I just finished designing the basic color scheme and layout/banner stuff for our myspace a few minutes ago. Here is the banner I just made (its a little different on the site):

The Mopes myspace banner

We thought earlier in the week that we would be taking a quick road trip down to San Fransisco and Nevada City in northern California to play 2 shows. But the day before yesterday Phil, our producer whose band we were opening for on Sat in Oakland, said that the booking agent had double booked so we no longer were performing. Lame. So we had to forgo the whole trip. I was pretty sad because I haven't been home to Nevada City (in California) since the end of January! I miss home! And I haven't seen my middle sister since January either. Heartbreak.
And I thought that I would have to be working from morning till night on the sculptures for John Grade all this coming week (which I was happy about work-wise and money-wise, but sad because my family is going to visit my grandparents this coming week and I thought I couldn't go cuz of work.) But we finished all that we needed to do for the next week all by yesterday, so I am free to roam as I please. Which means I will be out of town on a trip with my family next week, YAY! But... my middle sister won't be there because of school. Once again, heartbreak. I miss her so much. Love you sister.

Anyway, I feel crazy busy. But I am loving it all despite the fact that I have basically no money. I love my life. And I love my band. listen to our music!

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