Giddy Pants

Giddy. I think that summarizes how I have been feeling the past couple of days. There are so many ways that I get that feeling of being in love in my stomach these days, and none of it has to do with being in love. Weird? No, I am just joyful.
Music. That is what is doing it to me. I am so inspired by walls of sounds these days. No folk music, nothing bare. I just want to hear loud noise and full sounds. Waves. Lush is killing me with goodness these days. And Cocteau Twins are also whooping my bootie.
This song:

Also, my band makes me so happy I can't even tell you. Everyone in the band gets along and just loves each other sincerely. We care about the same things and believe in the same things though we are all different and unique. We have our own distinct inspirations and yet we are just as inspired by each other and what each other has to give. Also, we all laugh at the same things, encourage each others ridiculous ideas, and all like the idea of having a band cartoon.
2 nights ago I made this for the band.

This is my band.
clockwise starting in left top corner: Me, Patrick, Devion, Alec, Emily, Steven.

i feel so alive.

ps. I'm in Long Beach, California right now visiting my grandparents. Its so hot here compared to Seattle! (It was 58 degrees F in my house last week. COLD.)

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Suki said...

I LOVE this song, it's so awesome and uplifting! It completely fits my mood today, we must be on a bit of a wavelength. Thanks for posting it! Sx

p.s. can't believe you're a Lush fan, are we talking the same Lush? - for me that brings back walkmans, tapes, teenage summers in the mid-90s... total bliss! Especially 'Lovelife', which for me was always about the City, not a person.